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What is sparkle coating?

Sparkle Coat is the world’s most advanced hybrid nano-coating agent newly developed based on nano-silica and acrylic.

It can be sprayed directly on chrome-plated or polished mirror-finished metal without damaging it.

Therefore, it can be applied not only to metal but also to materials that have been considered difficult to color, such as mirrors and glass.

This is a very innovative surface treatment system using the most advanced nanotechnology in Japan.

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The high hardness after hardening is 8H, which is very strong, and also has water and oil repellency.
It has excellent durability, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and stain resistance, and it can be made sticky depending on the composition of the curing agent. Therefore, it can be applied not only to metal but also to objects that require flexibility, such as carbon fishing rods and car FRP.

Available materials

  • Chrome plating and evaporation plating surface
  • grass
  • metal
  • plastic
  • acrylic
  • Urethane painted surface
  • Powder coated surface
  • Anodized construction surface
  • wood
  • stone


However, it is necessary to make the sparkle coat as thin as possible in order to form a good color and to form a strong coating. Engineers and equipment that are familiar with gun settings, baking time, optimal temperature, etc. are required.

At ZERO TECHNOLOGY, a dedicated baking booth can be used to create a beautiful and durable paint surface based on data and know-how obtained by experienced coating specialists through research.

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13 colors

Sparkle’s basic lineup is 13 colors, but it can be mixed, so you can express any color。

The clear color is also effective in protecting plated parts and preventing scratches on aluminum wheels.

Also, unlike anodized, it can use multiple colors, so you can use gradients and multiple colors.

There are various expressions

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Also supports small lots

We accept orders for construction of sparkle coat from one piece.
Please feel free to contact us regardless of company or individual.

The condition of the base of the coating is very important.
If you can write the condition and material of the product to be constructed in as much detail as possible, you can produce a more accurate estimate.

If the groundwork is necessary, we will add the groundwork price separately, so please describe as much as possible.

For example, we can make something like this depending on your idea.

  1. Colorful bathtub, faucet, water supply parts utilizing water repellency
  2. Change car plating parts to colorful candy colors
  3. Original glasses and mirrors with cute colors only for you
  4. Colorful car windows and mirrors
  5. Rainbow color or raster color wire wheel
  6. Fancy lens sunglasses
  7. Colored residential glass
  8. Original color reels and fishing gear
  9. Custom color plated grill for cars
  10. Colored engine locker cover

We are looking for a distributor for this new system.
If you want to bring this to your country, we can also provide technical support.

so pls let us know

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