What is a silver coat

New nanotechnology to replace plating

ZERO TECHNOLOGY uses BL SILVER COAT, which is patented by BL.

Mirror painting using aluminum powder is cheap, but the color is also very cheap.
In contrast, BL Silver Coat is a revolutionary surface treatment system that can spray like a paint by dissolving pure silver in nano form.

The deep and chic hue unique to sterling silver sets it apart from aluminum.

Also, BL Company has commercialized a gold coat with 24k pure gold nano dissolved by the same technology.

BL 24kgold coat サンプル画像
BL製 24k gold coat サンプル画像

This liquid can be sprayed on any large object, and can be applied not only to metal but also to pottery, plastic, rubber and leather.

Thus, for example, it is now possible to produce “pure silver and pure gold toilet bowl” and “pure gold coated cars”.

The plating is already old

Since plating uses chemicals that are very harmful to the human body, plating plants are steadily decreasing from the viewpoint of environmental protection.

Because of this, there are many major companies and manufacturers that are moving to eliminate plating in the future, and this silver coating is attracting much attention as an alternative.

Available materials

  • metal
  • wood
  • plastic
  • Hard rubber
  • leather
  • vinyl
  • Nylon



BL silver coat サンプル画像
BL silver coat サンプル画像 -ラバー素材への施工例-



silver coat: List of coating performance evaluation

  • Surface hardness: Use Mitsubishi UNI pencil / 500g load / 3H
  • Adhesion: Cross cut 2mm test / Cellophane tape peeling | 100/100 | No abnormalities
  • Non-stickiness: 5 layers of gauze / Load Ø 40 / 500g 70 ℃ × 4h | No abnormality
  • Heat resistance: 90 ℃ x 120h | No abnormality
  • Moisture resistance: 40 ± 1 ℃, 95% RH or more × 120h No discoloration | No abnormality
  • Water resistance: 40 ° C immersion × 48h | No abnormality
  • Cooling / heating repeatability: -30 ℃ (1h) ⇔ 80 ℃ (2h) × 3 cycle | No abnormality
  • Light resistance: Fade meter × 200h | No abnormality
  • Impact resistance: Dupont type R = 1 / 2inch W = 500g H = 300mm | No abnormality
  • Alkali resistance: 0.1N-NaOH 55 ℃ × 8h spot No discoloration | No abnormality
  • Acid discoloration resistance: 0.1N-H2SO4 RT × 48h spot No discoloration | No abnormality
  • Human sweat resistance: JIS0804 method artificial sweat liquid 40 ℃ 90% RH × 120h | No abnormality

Quote from bl site


As a silver construction professional


Please consult first


Spray sterling silver.

You can easily imagine that this is not an inexpensive paint.

The best coating of silver coat is about 0.3μm.
Cost performance is not bad if it can be constructed at 0.3μm without failure.
However, since it is an ultra-thin film with almost the same thickness as gold foil, any small irregularities on the base will affect the finish.

The silver coating is so delicate that even a fingerprint can emerge, so it is a very delicate coating agent compared to ordinary paints.

That’s why even a professional paint shop is difficult to handle. And if you’re new to painting, it’s cheaper to ask a professional from the start as a result of repeated failures. Most of the time.

Many people have the image that it is easy because it can be installed only with a spray gun, but before buying an expensive paint and failing, please consult with a professional first.


BL silvercoat サンプル画像
BL silvercoat サンプル画像 -革への施工例-


Difference in finish depending on drying method

BL Silver Coat can be air dried without baking.

One of the charms of silver coat is that it does not require large-scale equipment such as a plating factory because the coating can be protected by wiping the top coat on the surface.

So how does natural drying and baking affect the finish?


Natural drying

On the other hand, when baking is performed, not only do the chemicals evaporate, but also the silver particles dissolve, and the particles are transformed into a single film by being connected.

Therefore, it does not peel off even if it is rubbed with a finger after baking and drying.

A top coat is necessary to protect the mirror surface during baking, but the strength increases compared to natural drying, and the color changes to a deep mirror surface.

That’s why at ZERO TECHNOLOGY, silver coating is always done at a dedicated booth.

By baking at an appropriate temperature, the deep brilliance of pure silver is drawn out, and a strong coating is formed, followed by a top coat to achieve a beautiful mirror finish.

BL silvercoat サンプル画像 -革への施工例です-


The possibilities are endless depending on the idea



For example, you can make something like this

  1. All silver leather jacket
  2. Silver sofa
  3. Silver wall tires
  4. Mirror spec guitar
  5. Toilet or bathtub with pure gold or sterling silver coating
  6. Mirror-painted wiper blade
  7. Sterling silver school bag
  8. Coloring 3D printer works
  9. Original pure gold, pure silver color  whiskey bottle
  10. Sterling silver violin
  11. Fishing gear such as mirror-finished reels
  12. Pure gold, sterling silver specular MACBOOK
  13. Flashy lens pure gold sunglasses
  14. Fully mirror-finished sports car
  15. Pottery with pure gold coating


Feel free to request construction

If you use a silver coat, you can create something completely new that has never existed before.
We shape your ideas.

Painting is accepted from one piece.
If you are considering painting, please feel free to contact us.

The price is determined by the construction area, fineness and condition of the groundwork.
Since the silver coat is a very thin coating, the condition of the substrate is very important.

Please tell us the details of the product to be installed and the condition of the groundwork as much as possible.

If surface treatment is required, a separate surface treatment fee is required.


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