• 2020年4月5日
  • 2020年4月6日


I went to visit a gas station with a friend in Philippines     A cool shop with a gas station, a cafe & BAR and a car wash! This is a town about an hour west of Manila. It is a very free shop where you can make a fuss by calling a band at night or drinking beer on the terrace while MC and CC members gather and wait for car washing.   That’s wonderful.   I come very often again because I really liked it! Lol     The menu ranges from the popular tapioca to the heavy dishes. Of course, there are plenty of drinks such as cocktails, so I think it’s the best feeling to drink while watching the band […]



コーティングのクオリティーは職人のスキルや施工環境によって大きく左右されます。 ZEROTECHNOLOGYではナノコーティング剤の卸販売、施工に留まらず、施工ノウハウや設備に関するアドバイスもご提供が可能です。 システムの導入を御検討のオーナー様は是非お気軽にご連絡ください。