施工    coating


Silver coat is called “next generation plating”.

Since it is a cutting-edge technology that is not yet common, there are few shops that can be constructed with accurate data and know-how, so it is originally excellent in cost performance, requires toxic chemicals like plating factories, and large equipment At present, so many people have expensive and unwieldy images, even though they are innovative paints.

However, at Zero Technologies, we focused on the amazing potential of this paint from an early.

In anticipation of not only being used as a substitute for plating but also being used in various fields in the future, we have studied the optimal construction method to fully exploit the potential of silver coat.

Based on the experience and data we have accumulated so far, we offer mirror finishing of various materials and products ranging from fishing gear, sundries, home appliances, furniture, as well as car and motorcycle parts.



silver coat on SUS tube
silver coat on SUS tube







輸出    export


ZERO TECHNOLOGIES is exporting BL products to introduce Asian countries to nano coating which is the most advanced technology in Japan.
We have already opened office in the Philippines and are currently actively working on participation in various events and sales activities in car shops, detailing shops, motorcycle shops, etc.

We are looking for distributors and resellers in each country.

so If you are interested, please contact us through the contact form.









ZERO TECHNOLOGIES is looking for an agency that can introduce various coatings in Japan.

In addition to wholesale sales of paints, we can provide total support including provision of technical know-how and data directly related to the quality of finished products, necessary equipment and equipment arrangements.
Owners and business owners who can consider introducing the system should feel free to contact us.


Export of paints to Southeast Asian countries








Light Lane Japan Co., Ltd., the operator of ZERO TECHNOLOGIES, has been importing VAPE (electronic cigarette) products from all over the world for 6 years and selling them in Japan. With this experience, we are now importing, selling, customizing and coating vintage airstreams.

Recently, in response to the unprecedented outdoor boom in Japan, the number of accommodations, restaurants and mobile sellers using Airstream in Japan has increased.

If you have a dream that you want a different model from others, want to customize it to more prominent specifications, create interiors that suit your application, etc.,
we will search to your car according to your budget We will support up to.
The partner company is an advisor of Japan’s leading airstream industry, heavy duty airstream builder, Cliff Oiwa, and we are working hard to make your dreams come true.

If you already have an airstream and are considering custom interiors and exteriors, or if you are considering importing directly from the United States, please do not hesitate to contact us.



import airstream









コーティングのクオリティーは職人のスキルや施工環境によって大きく左右されます。 ZEROTECHNOLOGYではナノコーティング剤の卸販売、施工に留まらず、施工ノウハウや設備に関するアドバイスもご提供が可能です。 システムの導入を御検討のオーナー様は是非お気軽にご連絡ください。