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We visited BL


We visited BL company together with our paint master Mr. N and we had a discussion.

We will install silver coat and sparkle coat.




This is the best spray gun for silver coating.

We sometimes apply large objects, so we use several types of guns depending on the size and application of the object.


Mr N paints sparkle


Spray blue sparkle coat on the plating.
It is the greatness of sparkle coat that it can be painted directly without damaging the underlying plating.
However, in order to form a strong film, it is necessary to blow very thinly, and if baking is not performed at the appropriate temperature and time, it may break in a few days, so know-how and data are required.

The scale of the paint and thinner is also very important, as it directly affects color development and finish.

So I think it requires a completely different experience from normal painting.



its DONE!!!



Yes!  Chrome plating has been reborn as a beautiful candy color!

It can be applied to mirrors and glass, so various things can be made depending on the idea.
If this is applied to polished AIRSTREAM, it will be possible to create an air stream with a completely different impact from people.

It is recommended for those who are considering accommodation and restaurants development using the air stream! !


It looks like this!




I also disagree with solid colors.
However, painting with a transparent color to bring out the beauty of duralumin is highly recommended!
Sparkle coat also has a water-repellent function.

So it protects your airstream from moisture.

It also protects the polish of the duralumin itself, so we recommend that you coat even a clear color rather than paying a high price for repolishing. ★lol



Learn more about Sparkle





Next is the silver coat



Mr. N, our paint specialist, is always serious.

Because his human nature is so serious, his work and skills are as beautiful as his personality.

He never messes up, even if it’s just a sample.


so We can export not only paint but also skills and know-how



Silver coating is very uneven and needs to be applied with ultra-thin film, so it requires really advanced skills.
If you apply this in the same way as normal paint, you can say that you almost fail 100%.
Also, in the video, it is one process of spraying, but in fact, many processes are required to finish a beautiful mirror surface, and this is our know-how created by data.

The paint itself is very expensive, but in fact it is a SILVERCOATING that shows more cost performance than plating by using it effectively and correctly.

So please contact our professional before you waste your money.







Learn more about Silver Coat



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